Trans-Musiques Concert

à Paris, public recording from 6th to 7th october, 78,
Feebirdfly 04.


J.-F. Pauvros (guitar), Gaby Bizien (percussions), Didier Malherbe (flute, saxos). Engineering by Dominique Pauvros

Jac Berrocal

D'Avantage n° 03 LP 1979

J. Berrocal (compositions, trumpet, vocals), Daniel Deshays & Annick Mevel (vocals, cl), Claude Parle (acc), Gérome Boivin (vl), Michel Potage (vc), J.-F. Pauvros (g, b)Jean-Pierre Arnoux (dr), La Chantenaysienne, Erich Dutertre (vc), Alain Velluet (g. spatial sounds), Roger Ferlet (perc, brass, cords), Georges Berrocal, Mohammed (speakers), Claude Giverne (as), Philippe Jacquet (tuba), Philip Pochlan (vlc), Didier Breuland (g), Gaby Bizien (dr), Barbara



Musique Action Internationale

Vand'oeuvre n° 8501, LP 1985

La Fille au Pantalon noir

Jac Berrocal (trumpet), Gilbert Artman (drums), J.-F. Pauvros (guitar).
Compositions of Catalogue





Nuit des Solos à Vandoeuvre
recorded 22th May, 1987 at Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (France) festival,

Vand'oeuvre n° 8802, LP.
With John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Tom Cora, Guigou Chenevier, Christain Marclay.

Pauvros' solo : 1'32 (vocals, guitar)


Terry Day
Look at Me

Nato, 1229, 1987

with Tomy Hymas (musical manager, piano),
J.-F. Pauvros (guitare on "So Comely" et music on "Love, love, love"),
Tony Coe (clarinette, sax tenor), Terry Day (sax alto, vocals), Laura Davies (vocals), Chris Laurence, Jean-Pierre Arnous (drums), Yves Robert (trombone), Jean Méreu (trumpet), Ed Deane, Georges Khan (saxo)



Ubu et la Merdre,

In Poly Sons 0389.

With Family Foddr, Tom Cora, Hans Reichel, Guigou Chenevier, Costes.

Pauvros' composition : "la Chanson du Cure-dent" (guitar, vocals)

Bandes Originales de Spirou,

Nato 1715/1774.

La Monte Young,
Poems for chairs, tables, banchas

(21th January 1960), piece played in June 1989, Conducted bay Rhys Chatam

Tellus Records, USA.



Catalogue, Stop Stress. 4'06





Alemayehu Eshete,
Addis Ababa

Dona Wana 198682.

With A. Eshete (vocals) and the Wallias Band


Dona Wana, 198682.


Destination ...Nato

compilations, Nato 530142

"Double Vol" (3'00)
with Mary Genis (vocals), Tony Muschamp (bass), Julian Fenton (drums), J.-F. Pauvros (composition, guitar)


Jeune saffiches SACEM,

SACEM, 09621.

"Silence indéterminé"
Tony Hymas (piano), J.-F. Pauvros (guitar), Jonathan Kane (drums)



Tony Hymas & Barney Bush, Left for Dead,


With T. Hymas (piano), Evan Parker (sax), J. Kane (drums), J.-F. Pauvros (guitar)

Jac Berrocal,
Fatal Encounters

1st edition Megaphone Records, USA, french edition, Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier 54026,

recorded from 1961 to 1992.

With 4 unpublished Catalogue's compositions
(Zürich, 82/6/13 ; Nancy 80/10/10 ; Antwerpen, 79/09/70 ; Paris, 80/09/25)
and tree compositions of the trio Berrocal/Pauvros/Kane
(recorded from 8th to 10th April, 1992 at New Yok with Olly anderson and at Baltimore)


Tony Hymas & Barney Bush
A Sense of Journey

Nato 112010.




Buenaventura Durruti, Nato 777733, 2 CD. "Memrias des Olvido" : J.-F. Pauvros (composition, guitars), Mark Sanders (drums)




Les Poétiques - Michel Bulteau,

Radio-France, n° 211787

They came, they played,

2 CD Live music from the studios of WFMU.

"It's raining on New-York"

with J. Berrocal (vocals), J.-F. Pauvros (guitar), J. Kane (drums)



30 ans d'agitation musicale en France,

Spalax box 14711