Links JFP don't like Costes, because it's 70's scatology.

JFP is a good friend of the Yeti. Perhaps because he was Gilles de la Tourette himself in a previous life.

JFP is a metaphysician : he wrote a PhD thesis about the chameleon / tartan complex.

JFP is an ecowarrior. Some says that Hamster Attack financed Hamster Liberation Front.

JFP likes corsetry, because he was Thomas Paine in a previous life.

JFP is the Real Highgate Vampire.

JFP prefers Elvis to Jesus.

JFP is a rebel. He was interviewed by Radio Libertaire and France Culture.

JFP is Leo Ferre spiritual monkey.

JFP is a new gay icon. He's the next Pierre et Gilles top model.

JFP likes rectangles.

JFP has rent a punk for the week-end. He's happy. His brothers are very happy, too.

JFP reads comics. But he got nightmares with doctor Octopus.

JFP is paranoïd. There is a mondial plot against JFP.

JFP has got allies in his great fight. He was Voltaire in a previous life.

JFP sister-in-law supports Garden Dwarves Emancipation Front. But JFP himself secretly supports Giants Movement.

JFP is a gnostic prophet since he eats all Gong members with mushrooms and ketchup.

JFP is the RATP best friend. Kisses.

JFP is a nephilim. That's why his guitar is never made of Orichalc.

JFP is the original Invader. He's the only one that was not destroyed by lasers in the 80's.

JFP is not a priapist. In fact, he's a neomalthusian and don't ever pratice sex.

JFP is an active intellectual.But he never will unterstand what is mediology.

JFP is perfectly fluent in novlang, since he's Campus president.

JFP was arrested by Pierre-La-Police four times in the last millenium.

JFP is a cordon-bleu, of course. But JFP doesn't roll.

JFP is the last industrial worker in activity.

JFP is a hypergauchist. Yes.